Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Yes - I'll be upset if you miss it...

So for those of you who still don't know...My BIG Bday BBQ/Braai this upcoming weekend...:
16th of July
Starts at 5 or when ever somebody pours me my 1st Brandy...
31 Dunbar Road
Wood Green
Piccadilly Line, North Zone 3
Bring some meat & a lot to drink ...I'll make some Ribs & Punch again..

Now...I know at this stage there is no Piccadilly Service after last weeks events but...

Grab a over land train to Alexandria Palace & get on the W3 to Wood Green - 5 min.

Northern Line to Archway, 41 Bus to Turnpike, any Bus to Wood Green - about 40 mins.

Victoria Line to Finsbury Park - Either Overland To Alexandria or
29 Bus...but the train is half an hour faster..

Click on this link for a map :

See you girls there...

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